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* Personal Stories: she, like no other dragonfly i've seen since
Posted Jan 03, 2003
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I met Kristin in Albuquerque in 1999 when she was heading back home from California. Her dogs & my dog were taking us for a walk at Roosevelt park. She looked at me and with her wily way wove herself into my tapestry with just "hey sister!" and her smile.

We stayed talking until dark & then drove past the ambulances & cops lined up on my block. A womyn had been hit in the head with a sledgehammer repeatedly by the man she hired to help around the house, then he tried to set the house on fire & stole her van. Maybe it should have been an omen, but even hearing the account from kristin who got up early to walk winter & sativa the next morning was surreal: tragedy coming out of those lips... She was simply unafraid, living her dream, inspiring me to not be so mired in my own then-current misery of divorce. She was a goddess & reminded me of my own goddess nature. We would call each other, she always letting me in on when she'd be back through town.

Before she hit Albuquerque she had camped in Cuba, New Mexico & met a guy named harold who was unhappily married & working for the forest service. Imagine happening upon her unencumbered spirit as she wandered in the fields! He snuck her rides on his horse, taught the dogs how to herd, showed her the local herbs, & made sure she was alright up on the ledge where she camped. Later i went to Cuba but i never did find Harold to tell him the news; it may have been that i found the same ledge to camp on though. How to say how sorrowful a heart when it learns that the extinction of a rare & gorgeous species is not just myth?

I remember the next day after we met she "splurged" & bought herself some teva sandals & came to see me at the bakery before she drove off. I gave her some bread, one loaf which i carved her initials into. I had to beg her to eat it & not save it for posterity! At this time i was just getting into herbs, and she shoved me wholeheartedly with a giant grin towards it. She gifted me with peppermint & self heal picked in Cuba, and i gave her a Grateful Dead poster i adorned with a cardboard frame. The self heal flower remained because its curling beauty was so fetching, until i drank it in a tea for healing after i found out.

She was such an ephemeral presence in my life yet absolutely indelible. I am in herb school in Boulder & i dedicate this to her, for showing how to live without fear. She was/is truly beauty w/o regret and obviously with us all, the phenomenon of her, that she could forever alter people's life is a testament to this chic's unquenchable qi and her ineffable & unfettered spirit.


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